Ha ha! These days you hear all kinds of crazy things to eat to lose weight… right? Well how can you be sure what things really work and what things are just a fad? The only real way is to find out what has worked for real people. And by real people… I don’t mean actors in commercials LOL!

The best thing would be if you have close friends that have had success with a specific diet or other weight loss “miracle”. Anyways, I know not everyone has this luxury, so I wanted to document my success here as I try out the Cinderella Solution program from Carly Donovan.

Please note that it is designed specifically to be a weight loss for women program! If you are a man, there are other diet programs out there that focus on your physiology… and yes… it makes a big difference.

Women need a lot of help when it comes to shedding body fat. Men definitely have a much easier time with this. From what I’ve learned, this dates back to the ancient times when men were leaner and more muscular to make more effective hunters and gatherers.

Us ladies on the other hand, we were more inclined to store extra body fat because of its benefits for child bearing. Naturally, it provides insulation and protection to a child in the womb.

This means that there is a major difference in our physiology and how that controls our metabolism. So naturally it works against us, but it does mean that there is a common female denominator on which we can focus to become healthier and look better.

A major part of this has to do with what we eat, but it doesn’t mean that we have to stop eating the things that we love! We can actually still eat things that most of us perceive as bad, like things high in fat, sugar, carbs, calories, etc.

There just has to be a specific regimen for a few other things we need to consumer at the right time and in the right amounts during the day. These things will naturally change the hormones in our body to be more geared towards burning fat rather than storing it. This is what the Cinderella Solution is all about!